Toronto Soccer Fans to Relaunch

The more observant among you may have noticed that Toronto Soccer Fans has been dormant for some time.
Various work/life changes have meant that there was insufficient time to keep this site updated to the extent that it deserved.

The Home game on Saturday was an opener in more ways than one. An Eye Opener. The passion of the crowd was fanstastic to see, and was reflected by most of the team. I am shortly relaunching this site as a suitable complement to that.

Check back soon, and any suggestions can be sent via the contact form

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A summary of BMO Field news

Wed 20th Dec, 2006 1:20pm - news

Stories Relating to BMO Field, including that the Toronto Maple Leafs want to play an open air game.

The Argos may not be playing in BMO Stadium, but the Leafs are interested in the prospect of a game there in the open air next winter. Richard Peddie, CEO of MLSEL, has clearly decided that the congomerate should make full use of their new-found, albeit rented home. "We haven't signed off on it yet... Read More ...

Can artificial surfaces match up to real grass?

Sat 2nd Dec, 2006 1:04pm - articles

Is the decision to use articial FieldTurf in BMO stadium a mistake?

Is the artificial pitch being layed in BMO Stadium affecting the pulling power of Toronto FC? Toronto will be playing on a faux-grass surface known as FieldTurf, and although there must have been significant advances since the sand-laden knee-shredding astroturf I grew up with, there has been some vocal opposition to the decision.

In an article in the Globe and Mail, Julian de Guzman, Paul Stalteri, Charmaine Hooper ... Read More ...

BMO Field Panoramic Photo

Thu 30th Nov, 2006 2:42pm - news

In Lieu of any decent rumours or news, a photograph of Toronto's new stadium.

Toronto FC's BMO Field Soccer Stadium

Not much on the grapevine today (apart from tomorrow's unveiling of Sutton, and some extremely tenuous rumour that Friday's announcement will in fact be for a 'Beckham Exception' player. So I'm offering a panorama photo of BMO Field instead, taken a week or so ago (when the weather wa... Read More ...

New Stadium Pictures

Wed 3rd May, 2006 9:04pm - news

TorontoSoccerFans has some exclusive images of the early ground building stages

Toronto Soccer Fans has got some EXCLUSIVE (read 'taken by me') new pictures of the ground location and news on the building. Looks like they're well underway, and the grapevine tells me concrete shall be lain in the coming couple of weeks. I will be keeping a regular 'stadium-watch' section going, so check the Toronto FC Sta... Read More ...