Toronto Soccer Fans to Relaunch

The more observant among you may have noticed that Toronto Soccer Fans has been dormant for some time.
Various work/life changes have meant that there was insufficient time to keep this site updated to the extent that it deserved.

The Home game on Saturday was an opener in more ways than one. An Eye Opener. The passion of the crowd was fanstastic to see, and was reflected by most of the team. I am shortly relaunching this site as a suitable complement to that.

Check back soon, and any suggestions can be sent via the contact form

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Potential Signings Rumour Roundup

Mon 27th Nov, 2006 11:49pm - rumour

A summary, and hopefully some rationale, behind rumoured signings. And one that's totally made up.
  • Dwayne DeRosario
  • Greg Sutton
  • Daniel Borimirov
  • Shaun Wright-Phillips

I thought I'd throw them up there to whet your appetite, and additionally, they are very likely, very unlikely, never going to happen, and potentially not a good idea, not necessarily in that order.

So, starting with Dwayne DeRosario. The Scarborough native has been bandied around since the Toronto MLS franchise was first suggested. Canadian National, started with the Lynx, can actually score...he's perfect, he's..he's...not coming.
No one thing makes me say this, but suffice to say there's too many 'no' noises coming from his camp and those around it. File under 'not this year at least'.

Sorry, that was potentially depressing, so lets get cheered up with the continuing 'almost confirmed' saga of Greg Sutton. He wants to come. MoJo wants him. Montreal are willing to offload him. But Mr. Megabucks Chairman Joey Saputo is playing hardball. Well, not really, he is trying to line up a 'Canada Cup' affair involving a couple of visits to our francophone friends as a sweetener. Should be wrapped up soon.

Finally, I know you've read to here just to find out about this Daniel Borimirov fellow. Well, he plays for Levski Sofia (Bulgaria), he's been a solid player in Europe for a while. A long while. A really long while. His debut was in 1990. So, he may want to come for that glorious retirement payoff that is North American football, but to be honest I'd never heard of the chap, so am more than a little sceptical.

The basis for this rumour in the trip being made by MoJo to see Chelsea vs Levski Sofia, December 5th. I believe the pessimists must have marked Bori as the only plausible target, but Chelski have a huge pool of talent rotting in the padded dugout of Abramovich's plaything, so maybe he's getting bored with one of them. His son allegedly received Shaun Wright-Phillips ($50 million) from Manchester City as a 'I want a pony' gift. Perhaps Roman is already looking to put SWP out to pasture in the lush meadows (glue factory?) of Ontario?? Maybe? On that note I shall go to bed and dream.