Toronto Soccer Fans to Relaunch

The more observant among you may have noticed that Toronto Soccer Fans has been dormant for some time.
Various work/life changes have meant that there was insufficient time to keep this site updated to the extent that it deserved.

The Home game on Saturday was an opener in more ways than one. An Eye Opener. The passion of the crowd was fanstastic to see, and was reflected by most of the team. I am shortly relaunching this site as a suitable complement to that.

Check back soon, and any suggestions can be sent via the contact form

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Speculation abounds, little substantiated

Sun 24th Dec, 2006 1:59am - rumour

A mix of rumours of varying strengths, and some refutation from Mo

Rumours from three sources recently, two of which happen to straight from MoJo, even though we're beggining to see that much of what he says must be taken with a muckle o' salt.

We'll start though with one of the MLS' most respected commentors, Ives Galarcep. If it wasn't for the fact that he has ears in so many areas of MLS that often hear accurate things well in advance, his 'wishlist' article would make for very strange reading. In fact it still does. Toronto's two main 'wants' are/should be Matty Holland - aging but likable Irish midfielder playing for Charlton Athletic at the moment - , and 'fails the 25 or older rule' Canadian, Will Johnston, currently with Heerenven. The first would for me be a reasonable but uninteresting signing. Holland had a couple of good seasons during the boomtown days of Ipswich in the late 90s, culminating in European football and netting a goal in World Cup 2002 for his non-native Ireland. Although not prodigiously talented his major strength is in team leadership, having held the captain's armband at 3 different clubs. Will Johnston would satisfy the desire to build a strong Canadian side, but will take some prying away from Europe for reasons previously stated. Neither rumour should be given too much thought.

So to Mo. In this interview he has a few things to say about money - O'Brien and Sutton cost us 175k, he already knows the no.1 Superdraft pick, and is making arrangements to be certain we can accomodate, and perhaps even one more. He also responds to rumours surrounding Jaime Peters, suggesting that he would definitely be interested but the money is just not there. Sadly.

Secondly, although this is second hand Mo, a Scottish newspaper article has 'Maurice' on the lookout for three players. Steven Pressley is a 34 year old stalwart of the Scottish leagues. Playing at Rangers, Dundee Utd and Hearts, with a brief stint at Coventry in between he is currently a free agent. A central defender may not be highest on our list of needs right now, but given that Celtic are interested, there must be life in the old dog yet. Stephen Pearson is a 6'1", 24 year old midfielder, and although the article mentions Mo's interest, it is likely not a mutual thing. Leaving a club such as Celtic at 24, you would surely not see MLS as a good career move. Finally we have another plausible character. Alan Thompson (Mid - 33), is reaching the end of his career, and may see MLS as an attractive proposition. With Newcastle, Bolton, Villa and Celtic on his resume, as well as a single England cap in 2004, he knows the game well. A left sided midfielder with a healthy strike rate, and a renowned art at free kicks, he would still not be described as a 'cultured' player. At Celtic he is an underused hangover from the O'Neill days and would no doubt relish a move where he could play some regular football. My concern is that although he may bring some of the British grit to the pitch, he has been plagued with injury, and at his age that could prove to be a major liablility.

Finally, just because everybody else has been connected with him, Toronto FC are now allegedly in the chase for free agent bonkers beanpole Costa Rican striker Paulo Wanchope. Considering that interest comes from 4 continents, and about 5 other teams just within MLS, odds on this one have to be up there with 'Owen Hargreaves joins TFC as he misses Tim Hortons in Germany'.