Toronto Soccer Fans to Relaunch

The more observant among you may have noticed that Toronto Soccer Fans has been dormant for some time.
Various work/life changes have meant that there was insufficient time to keep this site updated to the extent that it deserved.

The Home game on Saturday was an opener in more ways than one. An Eye Opener. The passion of the crowd was fanstastic to see, and was reflected by most of the team. I am shortly relaunching this site as a suitable complement to that.

Check back soon, and any suggestions can be sent via the contact form

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Post-Draft Reaction to Toronto's Selections

Fri 12th Jan, 2007 4:45pm - news

Maurice 'Mo' Edu, Andrew Boyens, Rich Asante, Jeff Gonsalves. Initial reaction to the selections by Toronto.

Toronto went into the draft with three picks, but ended up leaving with 4 players after a last minute trade deal with LA Galaxy saw Mo get the number 10 pick in exchange for a partial allocation. The four players selected were Maurice Edu (Mid) (pick 1), Andrew Boyens (Def) (pick 10), Richard Asante (Mid) (pick 27) and a surprisingly late Jeffrey Gonsalves (For) (pick 40).
So, after the fact, how did we do? Pretty well by all accounts. We picked a couple of the best players overall in the college system this year, and also selected two of the top three Canadians available, with Riley O'Neill still available as an option in the coming supplemental draft having not been picked.

Maurice Edu (Mid, 6'0", 20yrs, USA) - Pick 1 overall

In Edu we have what most agree to be the best midfielder of the crop available. Although draft selections are usually young and 'for future consideration', Edu has a real chance of slotting right into the first team. Over 6 feet tall, yet with good touch and dribbling, he is a combative centre. Not attacking-inclined, he still notched 5 goals this past season. Were he not selected by Toronto he would surely have been the second pick. This is what giving the first pick to expansion teams was designed for.

Andrew Boyens (Def, 6'4", 23yrs, New Zealand) - Pick 10 overall

A strange one this. Boyens is a native New Zealander, and had been widely rumoured to be making a move to Australia hence his absence from Combine, mock drafts etc. Herman semi-finalist this year, he is a pacy cultured defender, though he towers above most at six foot four. Often seen as the best defenceman in this years group, there was a quiet rumour this morning that he may have turned back from the Oz idea and signed for MLS, and so it caused a real stir when, after the draft had already kicked off, Mo Johnston engineered a trade with LA for their 10th place slot, using that pick to select Boyens. With Bakary Soumare(2), Michael Harrington(3) and Anthony Wallace(9) all defenders picked before him, his availability at number 10 was probably due to his nationality and the uncertainty surrounding his status. Another with a real chance of first-team soccer this year with Toronto.

Rich Asante (Mid, 5'5", 22yrs, Canada) - Pick 27 overall

That Asante was available here was not unlikely. He was a fourth round at best in most people's eyes, and perhaps even an option for next week's Supplemental Draft. That said, he impressed at the Combine, netting a well-earned goal in one of the matches and demonstrating reliable passing talent. An North York native he is clearly keen on the club - he had even signed up to the open tryouts although its unconfirmed if he actually showed - and when asked before the draft about the possibility of Toronto picking him, he replied "It would be a great accomplishment for me. To play in front of my friends and family would be special". At 5'5" he is rather diminutive for pro-soccer, and he will most probably have to demonstrate his case further behind the scenes before a shot at the big-time.

Jeff Gonsalves (For, 6'0", 20yrs, Canada) - Pick 40 overall

The armchair pundits' suprise of the draft, he was in most top 10 lists printed this morning but ended up slipping to number 40 in the draft order. As with Asante, and also Riley O'Neill (unpicked), his Canadian nationality makes him more of a risk for the US teams, counting as part of their foreign national allocation, and hence the suprise is perhaps a little overstretched. The bigger upset for most was that Asante was selected before him by Toronto, Mo evidently knowing something that we don't. What we do know is that he was the second-top scorer last year in the league, so knows where the goal is. Could there be something else the other clubs saw they didn't like, or was it merely that he was not of the calibre necessary for a foreign pick? Now he has his chance, we will see whether he figures in Mo's plans at all this year.