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Toronto Soccer Fans to Relaunch

The more observant among you may have noticed that Toronto Soccer Fans has been dormant for some time.
Various work/life changes have meant that there was insufficient time to keep this site updated to the extent that it deserved.

The Home game on Saturday was an opener in more ways than one. An Eye Opener. The passion of the crowd was fanstastic to see, and was reflected by most of the team. I am shortly relaunching this site as a suitable complement to that.

Check back soon, and any suggestions can be sent via the contact form

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Argo a no-go

Fri 8th Dec, 2006 8:06am - news

Globe newspaper article describes how the Argos won't be welcome in TFC's stadium

An article by Stephen Brunt in the Globe and Mail explains how the new stadium BMO Field has been designed with only one sport in mind. It also contains some nice tidbits like "[MLSE] have already made their $18-million investment back (and then some) by peddling naming rights for $27-million over 10 years"

The MLS has had a stated goal of getting all of its teams playing in 'soccer specific' stadiums by 2010. That Toronto was having a purpose-built stadium for the FIFA World Youth Championships was a huge factor behind the expansion getting the go-ahead. If we had wanted a fuzzy gridiron on the pitch, we could have just lumped into the RC/skydome and shared. Thankfully therefore it seems that short of funding a rebuild into the tens of millions of dollars, there is no chance of the Argos heading to Exhibition Place.

Brunt explains that the 110+40 yard CFL pitch just will not fit in the stadium which has fixed bleachers, and according to MLSE VP Bob Hunter "We knew that we couldn't build a CFL stadium at that price". Call me selfish, especially considering the $45 million handout from taxpayers, but I think if there is a chance of this latest run at a soccer franchise lasting in Toronto, it has to be taken seriously by the locals. A purpose-built state-of-the-art stadium dedicated to the beautiful game is one such way to make your point. Sorry CFL, but when your contract is up at the cavern, we're more than happy to have neighbours at the Allen Lamport