Toronto Soccer Fans to Relaunch

The more observant among you may have noticed that Toronto Soccer Fans has been dormant for some time.
Various work/life changes have meant that there was insufficient time to keep this site updated to the extent that it deserved.

The Home game on Saturday was an opener in more ways than one. An Eye Opener. The passion of the crowd was fanstastic to see, and was reflected by most of the team. I am shortly relaunching this site as a suitable complement to that.

Check back soon, and any suggestions can be sent via the contact form

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Preview of the upcoming MLS SuperDraft

Fri 12th Jan, 2007 11:03am - news

Views and summary of the most popular names in the coming MLS Superdraft, from a Toronto perspective.

Normal service is resumed today in the MLS, David Beckham is yesterday's news. The big story today is the SuperDraft. Starting at noon Eastern, the 13 MLS clubs will be picking from the cream of the College soccer crop to add to their squads. Toronto, as an expansion franchise, were given first pick in each of the four rounds, but have since traded the second round, first pick (overall 14) to FC Dallas as part of the Ronnie O'Brien trade. This leaves us with 1, 27 and 40 overall.

Obviously of most interest among these is pick number 1. In the past players such as Freddy Adu (2004) and our very own Alecko Eskandarian (2003) have been selected. Most pundits are of the opinion that the year's best College player is not actually an option - Charlie Davies signed for Hammarby in Sweden recently - and because of this are downplaying the quality of the draft. What this means is there is not an obvious number 1. Currently the favourite seems to be Maurice Edu - a skillful but edgy defensive midfielder, over 6 foot and only 20 years of age. Others are of the opinion that US u20 Goalie Chris Seitz is the right option. He would surely be a reliable number 2 stopper, and also would have significant trade potential with other teams. The Canadian soccer aficianados pick is Jeff Gonsalves. A talented forward, he rated number 9 on the ever reliable Buzz Carrick's overall list. That said a pick for him at number one would be considered wasteful even though he is unlikely to be around by pick 27. Perhaps watch for him in a post-draft trade. Speaking of trades, there is also the persistent murmur that Johnston may decide to 'trade down' at the last minute - swapping the number one spot for a couple of lower spots. This would not only allow him to fill more squad positions with quality, but additionally there are several Canadian players expected to be available beyond the first 13 picks.

Who are the Canadian options then?

  • Jeffrey Gonsalves - Forward. Absent from Combine with mono, but in most pundits top 13 (first round) list. Potential for post-draft trade perhaps, if not selected number 1.
  • Riley O'Neill - Mid/Forward. A position of interest, as he plays with versatility in areas we are currently lacking (namely forward-moving options). Potential for picking in number 27 or more likely 40
  • Rich Asante - Midfield. Had a reasonable showing at the Combine. A possibility for a later draft pick - round 4 perhaps?
  • Nigel Marples - Defender. Outside chance. Buzz Carrick points out that at 5'10" Marples is not tall for a centre back, and is only ranked 17 on his defender list
  • Tyler Hemming - Defender. A late addition to the SuperDraft list, Hemming is a young interesting prospect. Potentially a backup pick if other options have gone astray, but would not be selected before 40.
Notably absent from the list is the much-vaunted Tyler Rosenlund. Rumours of his inclusion in the (very small this year) 8 man Generation Adidas list were greatly exaggerated. In part by me, sorry.

So has the gaffer given anything away? Johnston has repeatedly mentioned in interviews that he has been looking since he took the job, and claims to have known since October who his number 1 pick was going to be. Dean McNulty at the Toronto Sun has Gonsalves as his favorite for the no. 1 pick, although his pro-Gonsalves bias has been taken to extreme recently. For those hoping that we'll pick Gonsalves, O'Neill and Asante in patriotic fashion, you may be out of luck - MoJo recently made the following statement in an interview:
"There are some Canadians, but you know what, we feel there's certain guys who are better than them. And we're picking them. So it doesn't matter if you're American, Canadian, Japanese, Chinese. Whoever's the best, we'll take him. And it's not positionally."

Finally, for other outside possibilities, you can never write off any of the US u20 members, and can fairly guarantee that they will all go in the first 13 picks. They are Chris Seitz (G - already mentioned), Bryan Arguez (M/F - top 5 pick), Amaechi Igwe and Anthony Wallace. For further speculation:
Buzz Carrick - 3rd Degree (Edu no. 1)
College to Pros (Seitz no. 1)
Ultras (TFC Fan group) (Edu no. 1)

For the Record. My guess is Edu, and I would like to see O'Neill as one of our later picks. Expect to see some trade flurries after, with potentially Gonsalves coming.